Candid Pepsi

Paolo | November 6, 2023

One time I followed a trail and navigated the steps without panic, it was twice that I felt the sweat from my ears drop below my chin. Candid with a Pepsi at the trailhead I felt ready for clarity – at the height of my doors measure. Complications with people said hey and mackarena with brutal honesty and predication. Softly the hair on my white friends arms became his feet, in khaki top and bottom. How is that possible? The blinks unnoticed or the breath realized – this option gets better. That option is food and water, lack of that ends up in the hospital.
Where do you come from and what is the derivative of your package so glorified? Looks, feels, and the subtext of the curvatures of our body. Please drop it off, thanks. It is very crowded and sweaty while the gangs of New York tamper with airplane bathrooms. Furthermore, it was recorded or taped, with tape? Don’t go there as my mentor once told me, we’re stuck in an illusion of never ending stairs. One that triangulates you next to company. We are happy in this tipi so colorful and green.
There is an antidote to our proposed package and tutorial for this guided dance, quit. There is a problem with solutions. Call centers and things on the table I arrive at responsibility to maintain fitness. That’s what it is, we are given a ticket and it’s covered in draft beer. As we grow older we begin to understand our permanence or stamp – our deliberate stroke or joke. This is a shared experience in electronic and art, to coincide with a collaborative and competitive sense.
You don’t understand it all, electronic fan. You are overwhelmed or calm? Is he cool or just trying to be? Bring it with all the noise except the sex through the wall.

Written by Paolo

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