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Paolo | December 7, 2023

            The tones of orange and red remind me of a book cover – the one that greeted me with comfort during a time of quench.  This purchase was the best one, after that a tuna salad and Gatorade from the local seven eleven.  These colors or in calmer waters […]


Candid Pepsi

Paolo | November 6, 2023

One time I followed a trail and navigated the steps without panic, it was twice that I felt the sweat from my ears drop below my chin. Candid with a Pepsi at the trailhead I felt ready for clarity – at the height of my doors measure. Complications with people […]


Thinking with our brain

Paolo | October 26, 2023

            Remember two things about every person, place, or thing.  The frontal cortex and cerebrium provide a work place for judgement and movement.  To be creative and to move around may be the founding principles of a hospitality setting, although, studying at rest advances the guilt of exit.  Entrez Vous, […]


Baby Powder

Paolo | October 16, 2023

The people coated with less paint fail to find traction with imagery.  When my mind lures me to an island or group of them – the only temptation is to touch it, like the sand beneath my feet.  I find success with my cell phone in hand, wallet in pocket, […]


Fire and Windows

Paolo | October 13, 2023

I arrived in Manila in June of 2009, living in a high rise apartment overlooking the Pasig River.  Garbage circulated through it’s waters as the heat from our skins surface fogged up crystalline windows.  Glass begins to feel like a a friend – who holds a tapioca milk tea and […]


The Editor: Paolo Picardo

Paolo | August 11, 2023

My name is Paolo Picardo and I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 90’s. Life in Electronic Music has kept me creative, satisfied, and eager to travel and explore the world through sound and other mixed media. This website marks the start of my career […]

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